Hi! I'm Katie.

As a fiction editor, my job is to help you craft your story and refine your prose. Whether you're still darning plot holes, or weaving magic through the words themselves, I'm ready to jump into your world, meet your characters and fall in love with your voice.

Which Level of Editing Should You Choose?

If you need help getting your story in order, you're looking at Developmental Editing, but if you're at the stage where you need to focus on making your prose as strong as it can be, you want Line Editing.

If you're not sure, a Manuscript Appraisal might be a good starting point. Especially if you know there is still self-editing you could be doing, but you want some guidance on where to start and what you should focus on. 

Some writers find it beneficial to have an appraisal or a line edit done on just a small section of their manuscript (usually the opening), during their self-editing process, because they are then able to apply my feedback, thoughts and suggestions to the rest of the novel, before returning for a full developmental or line edit.

Get in touch

If you aren’t sure what stage you're at, or you just want to chat about the options, please let me know. I can also work with you on shorter fiction, poetry or memoir. I enjoy talking about stories and getting to know new voices, so please do get in touch. I'd love to hear about your project and see if I can help you bring it to life.