Storytelling is everything...

let's make each word count

As a fiction editor and storytelling coach, I help your creative vision, and your voice, shine through every character, plot point, and sentence.

Hi! I'm Katie.

I help authors tell captivating stories through precise and immersive prose.

I'm a developmental and line editor, and happy to help with any stage of the storytelling process, from the first fleshing out of ideas to the final placement of dialogue tags.

I love well-told stories of all lengths, styles and genres, though I have a particular fondness for fantasy, sci-fi, LGBTQ, young/new adult fiction, and anything playful or experimental.

So, whatever you're working on, and whether you want help gathering narrative threads, darning plot holes, or weaving magic through the prose itself, I'm ready to jump into your world, meet your characters and fall in love with your voice.

Let's tell your story, your way.

How Can I Help?

Developmental Editing

Still working on the story?

This helps with:

 developing your characters
 getting your scenes in order
fixing plot holes

Line Editing

Ready to tackle the words?

This helps with:

strengthening your sentences
refining your voice
making dialogue flow naturally

Manuscript Appraisal

Not sure what you need?

This tells you:

if you're on the right track
how to self-edit further
what your next steps are

I can also support you with coaching, consultations or feedback during your planning and writing stages, whether that means reviewing what you have so far, helping refine your plan, talking through your ideas, or regular check-ins to keep you on track.
Whatever you'd like help with, I love talking about stories and getting to know new voices, so drop me a message and I'll see what I can do.