Line Editing

 What Is Line Editing?

This is an intense edit, where we focus on getting your prose flowing smoothly, your dialogue feeling natural, and your voice shining through consistently. I'll be going through each sentence of your novel to make sure every word is pulling its weight. 

This is often the most daunting stage of the editorial process, but results are more than worth it. This is where a novel starts to read like a finished book!

What you get:

  • Tracked changes throughout your Word document, with comments giving detailed explanations and suggestions for any of the more involved edits.
  • A brief editorial letter summarising any recurring issues and explaining my reasoning for editorial decisions, along with my overall thoughts on your story, highlighting its strengths and suggesting improvements where appropriate.
  • An optional follow up meeting, and ongoing email support.
Please only commit to line editing if the story is done and you are ready to focus on the sentences you are using to tell it. Of course, I'll let you know if I do find something that needs developmental work, like a sneaky plot hole or a deep continuity error, but I will be going into this edit assuming you are 100% happy with your novel's content.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch so we can chat about your project. 

I'm happy to offer a sample edit (tracked changes and comments on up to 1,000 words), so you can can get a feel for my editing style and make sure we're a good fit. The sample edit also gives me a chance to assess the level of editing you need, so I can provide a more accurate quote.