Tuesday 6 October 2015

Welcome To Blueberry Books

I’ve been thinking about starting a writing blog for a while now.

I'm a writer, a fiction editor and a tutor, which means I spend a lot of time thinking about writing and ways to improve it.

Often, when I’m tutoring, a student will need help with something and, in answering their question, my mind will start down a certain path – exploring that area of writing and picking it apart. But, during a tutoring session, my focus is on the student and indulging my own musings is not an option.

However, in the context of a blog, I can think (and write) about pacing, character development or scene-setting to my heart’s content. I can inspect each element of writing, try to pin down why so many of us struggle with it, and hopefully find ways for us to move past that struggle.

So, that’s what you will find here.In each post, I’ll be taking one aspect of writing and breaking it down, thinking about how I’ve developed it in my own writing and, hopefully, providing you with some  useful tips and tricks to use in your own.

I’ll also be developing some writing resources, such as character development sheets or editorial checklists, which I hope to share with you as Blueberry Books develops.

I'd really like this blog to be useful to you, so please come and say hi in the comments below each post and tell me if there are any areas you'd particularly like me to address.

Writing Tips, Editorial Services and Tutoring

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