Welcome to my 'About' page!

Here you can find out a little more about me and why I set up Blueberry Books.

Who am I?

Poems about Dogs
Lola, the subject of this poem

Hello! My name is Katie.

I live just outside London with my husband and, to his annoyance, an awful lot of books. (He bought me a Kindle a few years ago in the hope I’d stop filling the house with them…  I can safely say it didn’t work.) When I’m not reading, I’m usually conducting vegan experiments in the kitchen or wandering around the woods with a certain little dog.

What do I do? 

I’m an editor, a tutor and a writing mentor. Of course, I'm also a writer. (If you’d like to read some of my short stories and poems, you can find them here.)

Whether you’re looking for a friendly editor, a patient tutor, a supportive mentor, or just some free writing tips, Blueberry Books is the place for you – The blog is still quite new, but if you’d like to sign up for my monthly newsletter, you’ll get all the updates (as well as a few little extras) straight to your inbox.

I work with writers of all ages and levels of experience. Editing, tutoring and mentoring are jobs I love. There’s something magical about watching my writers and students develop their stories and their skills. (And, I get to spend my days reading – it doesn’t get much better than that!)

If you’d like to find out more about the services I offer, please visit my editorial, tutoring and/or mentoring pages, or book an appointment.

Why do I do it?

Well, to put it simply… I love reading and, for as long as I can remember, the power of a good story has fascinated me.

As a kid, I spent hours losing myself in fictional worlds – travelling with the rabbits of Watership Down, discovering parallel universes though His Dark Materials, and exploring Middle Earth in The Hobbit.

What I began to notice, even then, was that each story I devoured, affected me in some way.

The books we read, particularly as children, have a huge effect on our beliefs and the way we see the world. For me, two such books were I Am David by Anne Holm and Gobbolino The Witch’s Cat  by Ursula Moray Williams. (Both worth reading, even as a grown-up). These books shaped my thoughts as a child and lead me to becoming the person I am now.  I'm sure you can think of plenty that did the same for you. And it doesn’t stop there – it isn’t just the stories.

The words themselves are powerful things. I’ve always been amazed by the way a writer’s choice of phrasing can affect our thoughts, our moods and our opinions – and how a well written character can become a part of who we are.

My fascination with stories, words and characters led me to begin writing my own. Of course, to begin with, they were terrible. But I slowly began to understand where I was going wrong and how I could improve my writing - I learnt about plot structure and language choices. I learnt how to build exciting worlds and how to create characters that capture a reader’s heart. I learnt to write realistic dialogue and dramatic fight scenes. In short, I taught myself to edit.

For years, I developed my skills by editing my own stories but, over time, I began helping other writers to improve theirs. And I loved it. There is something wonderful about editing - Supporting a writer as they take their work from a messy but promising sketch to a perfectly polished work of art. It’s like watching something living grow and evolve – sometimes very suddenly and into something unexpected.

Eventually, I quit my admin job and went to study Creative Writing at Roehampton University, where I was chosen for a competition editorial team, co-founded a Writing Society and published an anthology. I graduated with a First Class Degree, a lot of experience and an even greater love of editing (and, of course, writing).

So, I decided to set up Blueberry Books, not only as a platform for my editorial, tutoring and mentoring work, but to share tips, advice and resources with you. I'd love to build a friendly community of writers, all working to help each other develop.

So, if you haven't yet, be sure to add me on social media and sign up for my monthly newsletter.