"a fresh perspective"

Katie possesses insight, wisdom and a confident grasp of each stage of the writing process, from the nitty-gritty technicalities of grammar and syntax to the big-picture issues of consistency and story logic. Blueberry Books has given me a fresh perspective on my novel, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service to any writer seeking a second opinion on their work.
- P.J. Benney, Writer        

"a rich overview of my plot and characters"

I opted for the initial appraisal and am pleased to say that after 2 years of my novel slowly gathering dust, Blueberry Books editorial services have motivated me to look back on my first draft attempt of a novel. Katie provided a rich overview of my plot and characters and was happy to go through my queries. I can't wait to make the recommended changes and further develop my novel. Look forward to using her editorial services again for refining the text!
- Ellen, Writer        

"an allergy to awkward sentences"

Katie has looked at various pieces of my writing, from lengthy prose to short poetry, and in all cases she had keen eyes for inaccuracies in both spelling and grammar, and what seemed like an allergy to awkward sentences. She doesn’t just acknowledge problems; she offers solutions that often work very well. Her comments are direct and simple. I would gladly ask her to look at my work again; she is a fantastic editor.
- Kada Beresford-James, Writer        

"reliable, thorough and creative"

Katie Wheeler is an excellent copy editor and editor. I work as an editor, myself, so I’m picky with whom I trust my own writing. Katie is reliable, thorough and creative, and when only the best is good enough, Katie is the go to person.
- Heidi Larsen, Writer        

"strategies for me to improve my writing style"

Having always struggled with academic writing I thought it was an area to just avoid. Luckily for me Katie kindly took on the role of a writing tutor for me. After critiquing an essay Katie was able to highlight the key areas I struggled in. She worked with me to develop my writing technique and together we made strategies for me to improve my writing style. After a bit of practice I was able to implement these strategies effectively and in my last three essay managed to average 87%. So a massive thank you Katie!
- Matt, University Student        

"I'm glad I found her to edit my debut novel"

Katie is the master of understanding the various nuances of a writer. I'm glad I found her to edit my debut novel.
- Rashi Shrivastava, Writer        

"saintly patience and brilliant efficiency"

As an Editor Katie improves not only the piece of work I have submitted to her, but improves me as a writer, so clear is her feedback. She will get personally involved and to the heart of each project whilst still having the ability to step back and see it with fresh eyes. All the while treading the line between saintly patience and brilliant efficiency. She is my go to editor, I couldn't recommend her more.
- Grace Magecha, Writer