Editorial Services

Thank you for considering me in your search for an editor.

Having worked with writers from all walks of life, and at various stages in their writing journeys, I’ve learnt that no two writers work in the same way. We’re all very different, from the methods we use to plan and write, to the things we write about and the way we feel about our stories once they’re written. This makes finding an editor who can understand you, and your work, essential.

As a writer, it’s easy to worry that your editor will try to change too much. I feel this way whenever I send a piece of my own writing to be edited. It’s a strange process and somehow it makes even the strongest writers feel vulnerable. This vulnerability is not a bad thing – it’s important for us to understand that we aren’t actually infallible (even if we do feel like gods when we’re creating.) But it is scary.

So, I like to reassure my writers that my priority will always be preserving and enhancing your voice, your characters, and your story. I am always happy to discuss editorial changes with my writers, listen to their thoughts and explain my reasoning. At the end of the day, it is your story and you have to be happy with it.

How can I help you?

The editorial services I offer are split into three tiers: Proofreading, Line Editing and Developmental Editing. I also offer an Initial Appraisal Service, which can help you to decide which level of editing you need.

I'm always happy to tailor my editorial work to the needs of my writers, so even if none of these services looks quite right for you, please contact me with your requirements and I'll see what I can do.

Proofreading - Starting at £1.50 per page

This level of editorial work consists of corrections to grammar, spelling and punctuation. I  also highlight anything I feel you should consider revising.

Line Editing - Starting at £3 per page

Line editing is more involved than proofreading. I look at sentence structure, clarity, and consistency, commenting on and suggesting revisions to improve the piece. I also provide brief comments throughout the piece, highlighting its strengths as well as any areas that need improving. I may point out any grammar and spelling issues, but these would generally be covered at the proofreading stage.

Developmental Editing – Starting at £5 per page

This is the most detailed level of editorial work. I look at everything that makes up the story: Plot, Character, Narrative Style, etc. and make comments throughout the piece with my thoughts and suggestions for improvement. I then provide a summary critique of the overall piece with any comments or suggestions I feel are appropriate and  general advice for developing your prose. For instance, I may suggest that you reduce your use of adverbs or consider rewriting sections in active rather than passive voice.

However, please be aware that Developmental Editing focuses on the story telling rather than the actual prose and would not include suggestions for reworking individual sentences or corrections to spelling and grammar etc. These services are covered under Line Editing and Proofreading.

Which level of editing is right for you?

·         If you are happy with your piece, and just need someone to check for typos and correct your spelling and grammar, you probably want to choose Proofreading.

·         If you've finished your piece and are happy with the content, but need help developing your prose, Line Editing is the service for you.

·         If you're still working on the piece and need help with your plot, characters, structure or voice, you're looking at Developmental Editing. 

If you aren’t sure what level of editorial work you require, I would suggest you consider my Initial Appraisal service, which is a cheap way to get some pointers and my honest thoughts on your work. 

Some writers find it useful to have an initial appraisal carried out on a single chapter or section of their piece. This gives them a low cost insight into which editorial service would most likely be appropriate for the entire piece.

Initial Appraisal – Starting at 60p per page
This involves me reading through the piece and providing a summary of the editorial work that is required. I indicate the areas I feel you should revisit before editorial work can begin and highlight the strengths of the piece.

Please note: rates are calculated as one standard page being an an average of 300 words.

What next?

Friendly Fiction Editorial Services
If you would like a quote, please fill out this form. You will need to provide your project details, including word count, genre, which editorial service(s) you require, and any deadlines you'd like me to work to (for example if you need to submit the piece to a competition or publication by a certain date).